Quick Question

Use the Quick Question button to make any presentation instantly interactive.  You can even launch a PowerPoint or Google Presentation straight to presentation mode, invite your audience to join, and drop in Quick Questions on the fly.

1 Minute Overview

How to Use Quick Question

  1. Start Presenting
  2. Invite audience to join using the Join Code
  3. Click the Quick Question button

  4. You have 2 choices

    • Option 1: Ask a question about the current slide.

       This is good when you want to ask about the content on your slide.  For example, ask students to mark how full the jar would be if a certain number of pennies were added.     

    • Option 2: Insert a new blank slide for your question.  

      This is good when you want to do a quick temperature check or ask about something that came up in conversation.  For example, pick the Thumbs Up/Down template and ask students, "If you had to write an essay on this time period right now, how prepared do you feel?"

In both cases, your audience will see a way to answer your question on their screens.  If you choose a drawing template, they will be able to draw, if you chose a multiple choice template, they will be presented with options A, B, etc.  Your may then give them a verbal prompt.

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