Can I Import a Previously Made Presentation?


You can import PowerPoint, Google Presentations, PDFs, and other Pear Decks. Keynote presentations can be exported as PDFs - simply export to PDF and then import into Pear Deck. 

Option A: Import your file to transform it into a Pear Deck

  1. Create a new Pear Deck or open an existing Deck.
  2. In the Editor, click the blue imports link to import a presentation. OR click the Hamburger Menu in the upper left corner: 
  3.  From here, click "Import Slides":
  4. A separate screen will pop up to let you browse for your file. You can find and select it from Google Drive or upload it from your computer.
  5. Congratulations! Your file is a Pear Deck now, so you can add interactive questions to it. Just select a slide, go to Student Preview, click the drop-down arrow, and change the question type:

Option B: Present your file from Google Drive or Gmail 

Here's how to present your file with Pear Deck:
  1. Find the file you want to import either in Google Drive or from an email.
  2. Click on the file. Google will open a Preview.
  3. Click "Open With".
  4. Click "Pear Deck".
  5. You can start presenting right away and use the Quick Question button to drop in interactive question as you go.

With Option B, your presentation file will not be transformed into a Pear Deck.

Note: Free Pear Deck plans have limited imports.  The Premium Plan offers unlimited imports. Click here to view a comparison of features on the different Pricing Plans.

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