Pear Deck for Google Slides - FAQ

How do I find the Pear Deck for Google Slides Add-on?

You can find it in the “Add-On" Menu in Google Slides.

Open up a Google Slides file, go to the “Add-on” menu and “Get Add-ons.”  Search for Pear Deck and install it. You can also  go straight to Add-on here.

Voila! Once you have it, learn how to use it.

Why is this different than importing my Google Slides to the Pear Deck Editor?

The Pear Deck Google Slides Add-on is different because it means you can use all of the formatting options you normally use in Google Slides. You'll add your interactive Pear Deck questions from inside the Google Slides editor and you won't need to use the Pear Deck editor at all.

Here are some fun benefits:

  • You can change the fonts, colors, layouts, and themes easy peasy
  • If you realize you made a typo, you can just change it without having to re-import slides to the Pear Deck editor.
  • You can do all your editing in one place and don't have to import to the Pear Deck Editor at all.

When I launch a Pear Deck Presentation from the Google Slides Add-on, will the program know if I’m a Pear Deck Premium user?

Once your Session launches, Pear Deck will recognize you and know what kind of license you have.

When you log into Pear Deck, you’ll have access to the Premium features and be able to manage your other Pear Deck add-ons.

When I create a Google Slide Deck, does it create a file in Google Drive?

Yes. It will show up as a Google Slides File, not a Pear Deck File. The file will be stored in your Google Drive and will be most easily findable in your “Recent” activity.

It will not be stored in your “Pear Deck” folder where we automatically store your Pear Deck files.

Will my file still show up in my Pear Deck Home screen when I log in to Pear Deck?

Yes. As soon as you add an interactive slide with the Pear Deck for Google Slides Add-on, the file will show up in your “Recent Activity” stream when you log into Pear Deck.

Is there a way to turn a Google Slide File into a Pear Deck File?

Yes. You can import Google Slides files into the Pear Deck editor. Here’s how. The Pear Deck interactive elements will be carried over, however Gifs and Videos will be flattened into an image.

If I’ve already created my lessons in the Pear Deck editor, can I import those into Google Slides?

No, there is no way to port Pear Deck slides or files into Google Slides at this time.  

Can I do all the same things in the Pear Deck for Google Slides Add-on that I can do in the Pear Deck Editor?

No, not yet. You cannot make all of the slide types in the Add-on at this time. 

Google Slides add-ons are very new and this is the first Pear Deck version. While it may not provide the full Pear Deck experience, we think the Google Slides Add-on is a great way for people new to Pear Deck to try adding formative assessment questions to their presentations.

I just paid for Pear Deck but this is a free add-on. Should I get my money back?

The Pear Deck for Google Slides Add-on mainly has the same features as the Free Pear Deck license.  Since you paid for the Premium account, you have access to things like the Private  Teacher DashboardStudent Takeaways, and the Google Classroom Integration.  If you get your money back, you will no longer have access to those advanced features.

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