2017-2-16 Release: New Dashboard Updates

If you have opted into the New Pear Deck Dashboard Beta, you now have access to these new changes.
Haven't opted in yet? You still can, just go here

Locking has been reverted back to the previous behavior found in the first Dashboard version. This means when you lock a slide and navigate to the next slide, the new slide is not locked and students can respond to it. The Project Responses button has also been moved back into the Control Bar.

Teachers can now emphasize a particular student's answer on the Projector by tapping and highlighting the answer in the Dashboard. If you are using the Dashboard to control your presentation, you can now tap on a student's answer to highlight it on the Projector View. This allows teachers to scroll through answers on the Dashboard and then "point to" the answers to which they want to draw attention.

Student responses can now be sorted on the Dashboard by time, alphabetical ordering based on first name, or response. To ensure anonymity is maintained, sorting by name will not be reflected on the Projector. Additionally, alphabetical ordering features a "Hasn't Responded" placeholder that gets filled in when a student submits their response.

Postless Text and Number Responses: Teachers can now view Text Slide and Number Slide responses in real-time as students are typing. Student responses will be auto-saved, without having to press any "post" button. In addition, students can submit multiple free-text response answers (which is great for brainstorming) or click on a previous submission to edit it. 

These answers appear on the Dashboard and Projector without a strike-through. Teachers can now go through an individual student's text answers by clicking on the number of responses indicator. Tapping that indicator will jump the teacher to that student's next answer.

The new Multiple Choice Response View received significant design improvements, swapping out individual dots for progress bars.

Students View improvements:

Students can now expand images for greater detail.  
Overall the mobile experience is better for students allowing them to more smoothly pinch and zoom, and interact with inputs.
When a slide is locked, student screens now show a preview of submitted responses.

Youtube Video Controls are now in the Dashboard even if a question has been configured for that slide. Below the response overlay is a button to stop and start a video playing on the projector.

You can now open the website for a webslide from the Dashboard. The link button can also be found in the lower right corner of the Dashboard view:

The Starring Responses feature has been expanded to cover all response types, including Number, Multiple Choice, and grouped Draggable responses. In addition, starred responses will be expanded to take up optimal screen space when projecting answers in the grid layout.

Layout controls that let you choose between grid, list, or overlaid responses, now appear both in the Dashboard and Projector. Layout preferences are also automatically saved; once a layout is selected, all slides of that particular type will default to the selected view.

Notable bug fixes include:
Responses are more prominently visible on the Projector. 
Users will no longer be prompted to name a previously named Session when Ending a Session. 

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